When you purchase EKG Project treats, 3 amazing things happen:

  1. You give you and yours delicious foods that are actually clean and truly natural!  (Just check out our ingredients!)

  2. A portion of each and every sale is given to a charitable organization that helps those in need.

  3. We are able to nurture and grow our employment program for those transitioning out of prison, homelessness, poverty and/or hardship.

Here, 1 equals 3.  When you buy 1 (or 1,000) EKG Project treat(s), you actually give back in 3 ways.  First, you’re giving your body (and the lucky peeps who get a bite) foods that are intentionally made with the cleanest ingredients available, satisfying both your body and your taste buds.

Secondly, a portion of every single purchase is donated to a charitable organization that makes a profound difference in the lives of individuals, families, communities, regions, countries and all the beautiful creatures that share this amazing world.  To find out this quarter’s partner, just follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for our email!

Finally, your purchases directly help us grow our employment program for those transitioning out of prison, homelessness, battered shelters and hardship.  We are working with Father’s Heart Ministries in NYC’s East Village to employ those who really need a helping hand.  Not only is FHM working with them on a personal level, we at EKG Project are providing on-site training, employment in a nurturing environment and a living wage that every person deserves!  The more pastries you buy, the more people we can hire, and the more we change the world together.

So, THANK YOU!  It is our privilege to partner with you everyday to make this world a better place.