Organic Wine Tasting NYCBorn and raised in Mississippi, statistically the most obese state in the US, Emily Farley’s interest in health and fitness began at a very young age.  While continuously active in school and city sports, several early surgeries and chronic health issues required a more restrictive diet than the rest of her family and friends.  Though this seemed like quite the unfair nuisance at the time, Emily is incredibly grateful for the lifetime of healthy eating.

Holding dual degrees in International Business (emphasis: International Marketing) and French, Emily graduated with honors from Mississippi State University in 2006.  Her previous internship in the Citigroup Global Business Office spurred her back to New York, where she spent her first years in the corporate world at Ripplewood Holdings, a private equity firm.  In 2008 she used her new experiences in investor relations, corporate event planning and executive administration to conquer the wine and spirits world, where Emily worked with the start-up Island Club Brands (formerly Cabana Cachaca LP) founder to create, import and successfully launch several brands nationwide, with some international release, as well.

In March 2012, Emily moved her home and office to Nashville, TN, in an effort to be closer to family.  As health issues seemed to multiply, her mom encouraged her to visit wellness clinic Maximized Living.  After only one visit, she was hooked.  Within weeks her health drastically improved, and her calling to help others heal naturally became clear.

In April 2013, Emily left her job at Island Club Brands and moved back to New York to start South By North, LLC – a health and fitness venture – with her best friend, Gina Cavallo.  While vigorously studying fitness and nutrition, Emily discovered Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Lifestyle, which she had been unknowingly living for years.  Learning all she could, Emily searched for any way to apply this passion to business, and then came EKG Project.

Emily is excited to bring her deepest passions of health, fitness and helping others to the world.  “I’ve put my heart and soul into EKG Project.  I dream of bringing truly healthy, affordable food to those who have limited to no access, including my family in Mississippi, New Mexico and Ohio.  This lifestyle has changed everything about me for the better, and I cannot wait to share the love with everyone on this beautiful planet!”  – Emily Farley



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