Natalie Dautenhahn and Zooey Image

Gunnison, CO

A reconstructed K can look like an N, right? That’s what we thought. Therefore, the “K” of EKG Project stands for Emily’s kick-ass, kombucha loving, kindhearted mom Natalie Dautenhahn. Wife of one, YaYa to two, mother of three (four if you count Gina, and we totally do) and counselor to many, Natalie’s entire life is that of loving, giving and healing. She’s been through both the best and worst of times, but it’s through those trails, discoveries, talents and encouragement that EKG Project even exists. For that (and much more), we are forever grateful.

Growing up in Mississippi farm country, Natalie only ever knew natural living. God and family were constants, and unfortunately so were pesticides from local crop dusters. After years of exposure, these toxins built up to dangerous levels, which would later contribute to a major health crisis.

Later on, Natalie’s deep faith and desire to help others took her around the world with husband Dr. Larry Dautenhahn. From South America to the Congo, neither gun-wielding rebels nor the farthest, seemingly-forgotten villages of the jungle could keep them from their calling. However, what did slow them down quite a bit was one little insect bite.

The combination of pesticides, metal poisoning and the unknown mosquito illness was almost too much to handle. For years, Natalie went from doctor to doctor across the nation searching for ways to feel and be better.  At some points she was unable to even leave her bed. MDs (including her amazing husband) and naturalists did all they could, but nothing seemed to stick. Another diagnosis of fibromyalgia added to the never-ending list of incredible pain. However, after years of struggle, her health finally started to turn around.  Finding the right combination of therapies and medicines was instrumental, but so was going clean. Natalie watched everything she put in and on her body. From organic food and alkaline water to essential oils and all-natural lotions, limiting the toxins in her body and remaining as alkaline as possible helped her make great strides. Now Natalie passionately uses everything she learned to help others turn what seems impossible into possible.

These days, working as a Master Gardner in the desert of New Mexico, Natalie enjoys helping others learn about their land and discover how best to work with it to maximize its health and theirs. She also loves to find creative ways to turn her favorite Southern treats into healthier alternatives, both for her family and EKG Project.  When she’s not in the kitchen or garden, you can find Natalie traveling the world, visiting family and relaxing in the mountains of Colorado.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Natalie on board. Her experiences, MacGuyver skills and words of wisdom are priceless. “All you can do is all you can do, and that’s just all you can do!” The famous saying of an infamous woman is simple yet true. Drop the stress, do your best and love the life you have! We’re on it.